Wray's is a locally owned and operated store featuring just about anything you need and, in some cases, you can also deliver packages and get your new tabs for your car. Although I've never had an issue with the lines at Wray's, soon as one gets too long they call for someone else, they now feature a self-check option.

Don't fret, if you don't prefer to check yourself out, they will always have someone in one of the check stands to help you with your groceries.

I took it for a test run just to check it out. It acts like most others, scan and place your item in the bagging area - nothing too fancy there.

I'm a big fan of this store and find myself coming here at least a couple times a week. Again, it was one store I never thought I needed a self-check option but now that it's here I'll probably find myself using it if I'm just grabbing an item or two.

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