I have to say that WWE is the best value in entertainment. They recently invested in a 1.5 Million dollar set for live events that includes an entrance ramp and LED screens that give you the feel of a TV taping. They employ a crew of awesome professionals that impress me every time they come to the Sundome. If you have never been to a live WWE event you are missing out.

You never know what you are going to see.

In Yakima Eve Torres did a Moonsault off the top rope, Evan Bourne went "Air Bourne" with at killer back flip moonsault and CM Punk dove threw the second rope into Dolph Ziggler crashing into the ringside guard rail. That brings me to the story of 1 year old Reid and his family. Listen as Reid's mother Jessica describes his first ever WWE event experience. Jessica says CM Punk dove "right directly at us, we even got a picture."

Talk about a story of a lifetime, and to think the kid may grow up to become a WWE superstar after hearing this. What an awesome story that you can only get from the WWE and it’s Superstars!

CM Punk

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