The holiday weekend is around the corner and many people will be looking to cool off by going to area lakes rivers and streams. Authorities are concerned that someone will drown if they're not wearing a life preserver. If you need a life preserver you can borrow one from the Yakima Fire Department. The life jackets are available at two locations: Yakima Fire Department Fire Station 93, 511 N. 40th Avenue; and Yakima Fire Department Fire Station 92, 7707 Tieton Drive.

Authorities will be looking for people who drink and boat

This weekend authorities will be out in force on area waters during what's called 'Operation Dry Water.' It's a major emphasis coming up on July 2-4 in and around Yakima County. Yakima County Sheriff's Office Deputies say the weekend is designated as 'Operation Dry Water' because the effort is to find people who drink and drive a boat. They say the aim is to put an end to impaired boating.

Not only will authorities be looking for drunk boaters but they'll have some help

Authorities say while the special emphasis called 'Operation Dry Water' will be held during the 4th of July weekend the waters around the county are patrolled throughout the summer. Deputies say it's not just authorities looking for drunk boaters. They say other boaters also act as eyes and ears for law enforcement and do a great job of patrolling themselves. Penalties for operating a boat while under the influence are similar to a DUI charge after being arrested while driving a vehicle.

Operation Dry Water started back in 2009

Nationwide Since the START of the Operation Dry Water Campaign in 2009, law enforcement officers have removed more than 3,500 BUI operators from the nation’s waterways and made contact with over 1.3 million boaters during the annual holiday weekend.

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