A woman drowned in the lower Yakima valley on Wednesday. Yakima County Sheriff's Office Deputies were called to the Yakima River in the Wapato area at about 3:05 pm Wednesday after a report that a woman was in the water and couldn't swim. A family member called for help saying their adult sister was in the water and had been consuming alcohol. When Deputies arrived they found a man who had attempted to rescue the woman but was injured and couldn't get out of the water himself. He was rescued himself by emergency officials on the scene.

The woman was found Wednesday afternoon in the water

The search for the female continued into the afternoon until she was found dead in the water.
A press release from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office says she was not wearing a life preserver, had consumed alcohol and was not an experienced swimmer.

Family members apparently left the area before the woman could be identified

The press release says "unfortunately, the family departed the area without communicating with law enforcement and therefore the female has not yet been positively identified, nor has the family been notified of her death."
The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind and encourage everyone to wear a PFD/Life Jacket while out on the water. Rescue officials from throughout the lower valley helped in the rescue on Wednesday.
If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office at (509)574-2500.

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