Today (April 22) has the highest rates of coronavirus cases in the state of Washington.

The Coronavirus Tracker shows the current number of reported cases stands at 12,282, as of April 20th. As you can see in the screenshots below, instead of going down, the number of cases in our state has more practically doubled since the beginning of April.

I am considered an essential worker so I have to go to work at the office every day. This is my open letter to people who are not heeding the warnings to stay at home.

When the coronavirus lock down first began, I noticed few cars were on the roads on my way to work, if any. Lately, I have been seeing vast numbers of cars on the road, large groups of people whooping it up at the park, and even a few neighbors having big family barbecues in their yards. Why aren't people heeding the medical front liners' strong warnings to stay home when possible?

I get that everyone wants things to go back to the way they used to be, but let's face our sad, harsh reality: our lives will not return to the way they were as long as there is this deadly disease present in the world. Let's flatten the curve.

Seeing the number pf COVID-19 infections rise to over 12,000 just gives me the creeps and makes my legs go numb. This is all the more reason to keep myself and my daughter staying home as much as possible.

If you are reading this, I am begging you to please, please, avoid unnecessary trips to stores, and try your best to wear a mask everywhere you go in public. This isn't just about protecting yourself from The Corona anymore, this is about protecting us all.

I saw a friend's Facebook post today and it made me chuckle, but expresses my sentiments exactly: "As for me and my household, we shall stay at home. 1st Isolations 24:7."

For the love of Pete, please stay home.

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