Yakima comes in at number two in the ranks of land area counties in Washington state.

via usa.com
via usa.com

USA.com says Yakima has 4,295 sq mi of landmass, reaching a county population of 246,402 as of 2020.

I had no idea that the landmass in Yakima County was that large! I have lived in this visually beautiful state for nearly 19 years and I still haven't really traveled far outside of the Yakima County limits. I have been to Spokane, Kittitas, Kitsap, Pierce, King, Benton, Grey's Harbor, Franklin, and Cowlitz counties. I have yet to experience taking in the sights of Bellingham (Whatcom), Walla Walla, and San Juan!

The one great thing about COVID-19 is that it has opened up opportunities for me to take a lot of road trips with my daughter, Willow! She is nine years old now, making her old enough to appreciate the scenic views and remember our trips to the great world yonder. She is also old enough to start learning about Washington state geography, which is beneficial for both of us because I haven't taken the time to really study our state and its landmass.

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