Welcome to, ‘Tater Thoughts’. Musings from the mind of Brian Stephenson’s Golden Retriever, Tater. That’s me!

What? You’ve never read an article written by a dog before? Hmm. Sorry to hear that. We canines are particularly engaging writers, especially when you consider we don’t have opposable thumbs. I mean, I’m not saying I’m actually ‘writing’ this on the computer keyboard. I’m leaving that up to my Dad, Brian. (A word of caution: Dad’s grammar, syntax and punctuation are beyond help, so patience is appreciated)

Photo by: Brian Stephenson                  "Everyone in the Pool! Wait, not enough room."

Ok, I have a lot to say and the therapist thought this weekly forum would be a perfect place for me to share my ‘thoughts’, which in turn, might aid me in my progress to become the best ‘Tater’ I can be.

Ha! Gotcha there! I was totally kidding about the therapist thing. I mean, I could probably get Mom to pay for it but I’m good with a belly rub stuff to chew on.

Photo by: Brian Stephenson                 "They said this toy was indestructible. Ha!"

So, a little about me…. I’m going to celebrate my first birthday on the 27th of May.      One year old! Seven in people years! My Dad and human sister, Emily, conspired last summer to surprise Mom with an adorable Golden Retriever Puppy to call her own! This had been her wish, I’m told, for quite some time and if you know my Mom, you know she’s gonna get what she wants, so you’d better get it for her and pretend it was your idea all along. Dad says he’s learned that the hard way. Funny, it’s been my observation that he’s a fairly slow learner. He is kinda old after all. I mean, not old when compared to a tree or a mountain or outer space. I digress.

Photo by: Brian Stephenson            "I think I'm going to like it here!"

So, July 18th, at the tender age of 7 weeks, I adopted this family as my own. It was generous of me to have done so and it was truly love at first sight. Although, they had no idea what lay ahead. The digging, the chewing, the jumping into the pond, then back to digging and chewing and rolling in mud.

But enough about Dad and back to me.

Pooping. Lots of pooping. What Dad often refers to as ‘elephantlike’ pooping. Hey, it’s what I bring to the table, you know? Well, not actually bring it to the table but, hmm, hold on......I’m gonna file that one away under ‘possible summer mayhem’.

Photo by: Brian Stephenson              "I have to admit. I was pretty adorable!"

Well, there’s more to tell but I’m signed on to do this weekly for a while so I don’t want to drop it all down just yet.

Join me for upcoming episodes like: ‘My odyssey in Arizona’, ‘Tater 1 – Javelina 0’, ‘Messing with the Pet Psychic’s Mind’, and ‘What Do You Mean I Can’t Eat This?’

Hey, you know what would make this game more fun? Somebody get off their haunches and throw this thing!

Photo by: Brian Stephenson.     "Taters Not Haters. Some of my 'Merch' I'll be offering soon."

Me at Christmas. They thought I couldn't smell the rum cake in those red tins. Wrong!

Photo by: Brian Stephenson

Eating them led to me and Dad singing old 'Sea Chanteys' until three in the morning!

Photo by: Brian Stephenson

I was posing 'cool' in this one. A lovely Lady Labradoodle was parked next to us.

Photo by: Brian Stephenson

Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I was watching for squirrels.

Hey, I want to see pictures of your dogs and cats and I’ll get Dad to post them on the station website. Maybe we could even hang out at the dog park and sniff around together. Download the app and send them directly. It’s easy. Videos welcome too.

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Thanks for reading – ‘Tater Thoughts’.

Ta Ta Tater Out.