As the country slowly starts to open, here is Yakima county, it seems it is soooo far away. Hang in there, we will open soon. Until then, there is a question we all have most likely asked ourselves, "How comfortable am I with the country re-opening?"
The answers key is below. Good luck!
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Give yourself one point for each "yes" answer.

1. Would you be willing to fly on a commercial airline with everyone wearing a mask and no middle seat passenger?

2. Would you be willing to go into a retail store to shop where some people are wearing a mask and some are not?

3. Would you be comfortable getting your hair cut with social distancing, masks and sanitizing?

4. Would you be willing to stay in a hotel?

5. Would you be comfortable having 10 people in your house with no social distancing?

6. Would you be comfortable going back to your workplace with distancing, masks and regular sanitizing?

7. Would you be comfortable eating at a restaurant with distancing of tables, limiting time to 90 minutes, servers and cooks wearing masks and paper disposable menus?

8. Would you be comfortable being intimate with someone new in the same time frame you were comfortable with a year ago?

9. Would you be comfortable going to a mall that has no restrictions about masks or limiting customers?

10. Would you be comfortable going to the dentist for a cleaning?

Count the times you answered "Yes". See Below

0-3: You are still very wary about going out and you're far more comfortable staying home. You are likely to wash your hands frequently. You're likely to carry sanitizer and wipes with you and you wear a mask indoors except in your own home.

4-7: You are becoming more comfortable with what you considered risky a few months ago. You are likely to have a mask but you don't always wear it. You have been washing your hands a little less and have likely stopped watching the panicky news stories you were watching in the past.

8-9: You are ready to get back to your regular life, although you are still careful about what you're doing. You don't want to be stupid and a small part of you is still fearful of catching the virus or spreading it to people you love.

10: You probably thought the virus was a creation of politicians, the deep state or the media. You have been more than skeptical the entire time and have never really been especially careful during the entire pandemic.

Would love to see your results!
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