We Americans have obsessions with many things. We're into baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and my mom's potato salad. We're likely unable as a society at this point, to give up cell phones and social media and streaming and junk food.

There is no doubt, however, that we've been obsessed with something for far longer than any of these modern marvels. That something is Dogs. Yes, our four-legged friends have been at mankind's side for indisputably nearly 15,000 years. In the U.S. alone, there are nearly 80 million dogs and nearly as many cats, although, today, it's Fido that we're focusing on.

Why Are Americans Obsessed With Dogs

We can't list all of the reasons because even though I do have opposable thumbs, I only have so much time. Dogs are loyal, dogs (can be) obedient, dogs are great companions, and most of all - dogs love us. Unconditionally. We need a little of that in our lives.

Our Love of Dogs and Addiction to Technology Have Collided

I've noticed on social media that my friends and family love dogs as much as I do and we're also obsessed with taking pictures of our cute canines. Frankly, I've probably posted almost as many photos of Tater our Golden Retriever as I have of my grandkids. Of course, Tater and I see each other every day so there's more opportunity.

Is Yakima Obsessed with Taking Pictures of Our Dogs?

I felt the answer to this question was a resounding yes, based upon my observation. But I wanted to put my hunch to the test. So, I asked listeners to share the last picture they'd taken of their dog and post it on our Facebook page. We got dozens of responses and they're still coming in. Check out the gallery below of Yakima's Dogs.

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