We've been asking everyone to get outside, string up the lights, pump up the inflatable reindeer, and LIGHT UP YAKIMA! Wow, the response has been incredible and I really do notice more lights this year as I drive around town than in recent years.

I'm sure more lights in the neighborhood goes a long way toward helping everyone cope with the additional holiday burden brought on by the pandemic. I think it works two ways - it's uplifting for the ones putting up the cheerful and bright decor, as well as for the rest of us who get to 'ooh' and 'ahh' as we drive by.

This weekend my wife pointed out that all of the lights which I had so painstakingly attached all around the edge of our roof had gone out! This can be very bad news as one single bulb that's burned out or broken - can mess up the whole mess of them. Fortunately, I was able to identify the bad string and quickly replace it with the spares I bought. Oh yes, years of experience says be prepared with backup lights or be prepared to make several trips to the store.

Even if you feel as though you're getting a late start, it's not too late at all! Frankly, the '12 Days of Christmas' don't start until Christmas Day, so it's perfectly wonderful to keep your decorations up through New Years' if not the first week or two of January. One bit of urgency, you have through December 13th to be eligible for the $500 prize from Coca Cola of Yakima and Tri-Cities, and 92.9 The Bull.


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