I mean, in reality, there are no lights involved here, so technically, I can’t enter. Plus, that whole “conflict of interest” thing.

You would think we would be prepared for this since it comes around every year. But no.

Wow. We suck.

We have allot going on for the holidays. Kids coming to visit for the first time here in Yakima. It’s been a ton of work coordinating this visit. Just yesterday, after some finalizing details, Lisa looked at me and asked, “Are we gonna get a Christmas tree?”

After observing my lackluster response, Lisa came home with this as temp tree.

thumbnail_image0 (1)

I love Christmas. It is the most sacred of holidays for me. This may sound funny, but I lost all my Christmas decorations in the divorce. So we don’t have allot when it comes to Christmas décor. Lisa is light on hers as well as our stories are similar.

Like her, my first Christmases post-divorce were an adjustment. I was used to having my family and my girls decorating and playing Charlie Brown Christmas music. It was just special. In 2018 that all went away. I celebrated the last couple holiday’s super low key. Actually, it would be better described as "avoiding" more than anything.

Last year, Lisa and I just started dating, so it was another anomaly year. So this year, we are going to get a simple tree and decorate lightly.



I mean, collecting Christmas décor is something you do over a period of time. So, where do you even begin? Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming. So we are going light this year on the décor. Then after Christmas, we are gonna hit those 75% off bins and go HAM on the savings and pack it away for 2021. So when we decorate for Christmas in 2021, we plan on making it look like Christmas just threw up at our place.

In the meantime, enjoy our Light Up Yakima Submission…

Charlie Brown would be proud.



All My Best,

The JimShow

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