The Yakima County Commissioners and officials from the Yakama Nation are hoping for an influx of federal money to help create more safety in the Yakima Valley. The Commissioners and the Nation recently sent a letter requesting funds to Senator Patty Murray, Senator Maria Cantwell, and Representative Dan Newhouse.

Officials are hoping for federal dollars so you'll feel safer

The federal money would be used to hire more Deputies in the Yakima County Sheriff's Office and Officers with the Yakama Nation. According to the commissioners the money would also be used to develop a regional crime lab to "avoid the months-long backlog at the state criminal lab."  Yakima County Sheriff Robert Udell says "we need more officers. We need more equipment. We need better infrastructure through a regional crime lab. This joint ask is unprecedented for our governments, and is intended to highlight how critical the needs are for our communities.”

A rise in crime is pushing the ask for federal help

The ask for federal dollars comes at a time when authorities say they see a rise in violent crime, property crime, and a continued rise in gang and drug-related activities throughout Yakima County.
The ultimate goal? To help residents feel safe and secure in their homes and neighborhoods. LaDon Linde, Yakima County Commissioner says "we appreciate the unique opportunity to work together with the Yakama Nation on this request to Congress, and sincerely hope we can continue to work together for our mutual benefit in the future.”
Thursday Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell and members of the Yakama Nation held a press conference in Toppenish to answer questions and express the great need waiting for federal dollars in Yakima County.

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