Are you ready to vote in the upcoming primary election set for August 2? Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says ballots will be mailed out starting July 15. More than 126,000 ballots are expected to be issued in the county but Ross says he only expects about 30 percent to be returned.

Some interesting races are on the ballot

You'll be voting on local and state races like Yakima County Commissioner, Yakima County Coroner and County Clerk. Judge races are also in the mix but they will only appear on the November ballot. Because of changes in legislative boundaries for the first time ever the all three Yakima County Commissioner positions will appear on the ballot. In the Coroners office the Deputy Coroner is challenging current Coroner Jim Curtice.

State and federal offices are up for grabs as well

Legislative offices are also open along with the 4th District Congressional seat currently held by Dan Newhouse and the senate seat currently held by Patty Murray. Her race always draws a big group of challengers. This year the number is 17. Congressman Dan Newhouse faces 6 republican and 1 democratic challengers.
Your ballot is due on August 2. There's no deadline to register to vote. You can register today online at the secretary of states office or at the Yakima County Auditors Office inside the Yakima County Courthouse. You can register and vote on the day of the election in the state of Washington.

More people will vote in the general election in November

While Ross expects a 30 percent turnout for the upcoming August primary election he says the number will jump to 75 to 80 percent during the November General election. He says simply because more people won't be busy with summer activities and are more likely to vote in the fall and winter. What's on the ballot? Check it out

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