Yakima Police have closed North 1st Street Between Oak Street and I Street as they investigate a suspicious device. They say the incident is NOT related to the shooting early Tuesday morning.
Police were called to the area this morning and found what appeared to be a suspicious tube wrapped in tape. Police and members of the Yakima Training Center Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team are now investigating the object. No injuries have been reported. Avoid the area until police have completed the investigation.

Every year police in Yakima find suspicious devices many are found to be discarded garbage or other things that look like something suspicious. Capt. Jay Seely says they always take all precautions to avoid injury. Exactly what police did Today.

Police last year found a device at the Yakima Police station

The package found near the rear of the Yakima Police Department contained an incendiary device.
The suspicious package was found to be safe after it was checked by Army bomb specialists from the Yakima Training Center in July of 2022. The package was found outside the police department's rear entrance on South Third Street at about 2:30 pm.
Officials from the Yakima Training Center spent a short amount of time checking out the package before saying it was disposed of by the technicians. Capt. Jay Seely says the case is now being handled by officials from the federal ATF office.
No injuries were reported. No threats to the department have been reported as well.



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