Yakima has some of the best restaurants in all of Washington State. When it comes to 'farm-to-fork' we grow all the produce, we raise all the cattle, we brew our own beer, we have our own vineyards -- there's no reason to go to New York or even Paris for great food.

I was watching YouTube videos about people eating expensive items and thought to myself, "Self? What's the most expensive menu item I can find in Yakima?" and after scouring all of the online menus I could find, I found this option for an even $100. A hundred bucks? Sure, why not.

This was at Yakima Steak Company and their famous Surf & Turf.

John Riggs
John Riggs

They did offer a Surf & Turf for two for $250 that also included a salad for two and a sharable dessert, but I was looking for a single-dinner option. And, yes, you can always up grade, but wanted to find one that was just as-is, no changes, no upgrades

12 oz. New York steak, 8 oz. lobster tail, 6 grilled prawns, drawn butter,
twice baked potato, seasonal vegetable

I'm, admittedly, not one to order steak at a restaurant. Making steak is fun for me so the things I order at restaurants are usually things I don't often make or don't feel like making. It was just fine, though.

The lobster tail was huge. It was accompanied by the dish of drawn butter perfect for dipping the lobster into (which I did).

The 6 grilled prawns was a highlight for me. So often you go to a restaurant and the shrimp are either way too small or scrawny or they're fried (which I don't mind) but grilled shrimp is just fine the way it is. I supposed I could have dipped my shrimp into the butter as well but, again, they were perfect just being grilled.

The art and concept of a twice baked potato is a wonderful thing. Take a baked potato, scoop out the insides and fluff it up, basically making mashed potatoes out of it, put it back into the half of a potato and bake it again. Brilliant!

Of all things, for me. the highlight may have been the vegetables. The streak was great, the lobster was perfect, everything else, wonderful. Those veggies, though, were fantastic. Not sure if it changes from season to season. I had sweet potatoes and these super long green beans of some type, I didn't ask.

All in all was it worth $100? I mean, on special occasion, perhaps? For me, I'm not mad at all. I'd get it again.

The good news is you can order this or anything at Yakima Steak Company if you win the $500 with the Million Dollar Bracket Challenge. Get registered so you can play along and win big!

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