Thanksgiving Dinner is a hassle no matter how easy your family made it look, so don't worry about making everything perfect. Better yet, don't even worry about making thanksgiving dinner this year, there are plenty of places you can get it in the Yakima Valley.

That's right, you don't have to spend a whole bunch of money, then take it all home and cook for three days straight, instead, why not pick up the entire meal and enjoy it with your family and friends the day of? Here are 3 Places you can go get your Thanksgiving Dinner

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3.) Kentucky Fried Chicken

More like Kentucky Fried Turkey, that's right you can get a Kentucky Fried Turkey at KFC, they'll also have all the fixings so your dinner table isn't bare, you can even finish off dessert with a chocolate cake!

2.) Safeway 

Ah, Safeway, saving thanksgiving since the day they opened their doors. You can put in for a thanksgiving meal by going to the hot food section of Safeway and letting them know you'd like to order one. They'll ask how you want it cooked, and what sides you'd like and they'll even make sure they include a pumpkin pie if you need it. They'll ring you up right there then all you have to do is swing by on Thanksgiving and pick it up.

1.) Yakima Steak Company

This was news to us, we had no idea you could get a full Thanksgiving Meal at Yakima Steak Company, sure you can order it to go buy why not take the family out for Thanksgiving dinner and have it fresh and hot right at the table while being waited on? Of course, you can order it to go, we just suggest eating it there.

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