Stone cold
Any turkey bowler will tell you: When it goes cold, it just goes cold.
And that's the way it was for the Bull Pen at Friday's annual celebrity turkey bowling event at Grocery Outlet on South First Street.
Despite coming back as the defending champion from last year's event, the 92.9 team just couldn't…
Table manners
Prayer at the Thanksgiving table -- it's a family tradition at my house.
Every year we go around the table and talk about what we are thankful for, followed by a prayer to bless the food.
But what if you are invited to someone else's house for Thanksgiving and they don't pray? Wha...
How to Safely Deep Fry a Turkey [VIDEO]
We've all heard horror stories about people either starting a bad fire or injuring themselves trying to deep fry a Thanksgiving turkey without really knowing the proper way to do it. This video will show you the safest way possible.
Tips on Frying a Turkey
You've seen people use those turkey fryers on YouTube and all the accidents that can occur. You think to yourself, "not me, I'm not going to be that guy," but how do you know for sure when you've never done it? If you plan on frying a turkey for the holidays, here ar…
Turkey Bowling and How I Won The Most Strikes [VIDEO]
Today I bowled along with Cefus on behalf of 92.9 The Bull to help raise food for local charities and food banks in need this season. Although it's tough to compete against the usual turkey bowling giants like the likes of a Dave Ettl or Alan Sillence, I was able to get more strikes than anyone…

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