Thanksgiving is coming up fast, if you're looking to entertain family or kids then these are fun little projects you can make at home. Find the perfect at-home snack or dessert to spice up your Thanksgiving table.

Not only is this to entertain the kids but you'll be having a blast yourself especially with some of these nostalgic treats and desserts.

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Mini Apple Pies

This is as simple as doing prep for a regular apple pie, but then you split the dough into little cups almost like cupcakes, you do the filling and cook it as you would a normal pie, keep an eye on it tho as it may brown faster. After you have your own mini apple pies for the table.

Rice Crispy Turkey

For this one, you're going to bring back some kindergarten arts and crafts. Make your rice crispy treats as norma, then lay them out either in a baking pan or on a cutting board. With your hand trace with a knife or food-safe marker, I'd suggest frosting honestly. Trace your hand in the rice crispy to get your turkey shape, then using frosting and toppings let the kiddos go crazy making their own editable turkey rice crispy treat.

Candy Pretzel Turkey

These ones are not only easy but by the end absolutely adorable. Using a pretzel as your base, place a rolo on the top of the pretzel, using candy corn for the tail and marshmallows for the eyes it comes out with a cute little 3D turkey.

Cornucopia of fruit

Want a healthier treat? no problem. You'll want all your favorite fruits for this one, pick up some ice cream cones at your local store. You'll use whipped cream to fill the end of the cone then stack your fruits into the cone, choose your favorite topping whether it's honey, syrup, or maybe chocolate, and have your tasty fruit treat on the go.

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