When you're craving your favorite meal it's hard to eat anything other than that, so of course, you're gonna treat yourself to the best of the best. The same thing for when you're craving a hoagie or sub sandwich, you can go to the big chains but they're never quite as satisfying.

So why not truly treat yourself to a local sandwich shop that strives to bring the freshest ingredients? There's no excuse not to have fresh ingredients in the Yakima Valley especially when we're surrounded by farms and fresh produce, so we did a deep dive to find you the best sandwich shops around the Yakima valley!

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3.) Taste & See Deli

A lot of people know Taste & See Deli is a great place for baked goods and pastries, but they forget one of the main parts is that it's a deli, with delicious old style and new sandwiches every day you just can't beat the flavors. Stacked up to a normal franchise sub shop these guys put a lot more love and care into your order and always have a great suggestion to find your perfect sandwich.

2.) Lulu's Lunch Shop 

Talk about knowing sandwiches, Lulu's Lunchbox has a variety of old-fashioned sandwiches with fresh meats, veggies, and bread. Everything is made in-house of course so you know it's fresh and hasn't been sitting on a truck for the last three days. The staff is extremely sweet and friendly when you walk in, it has some old-school diner vibes which can be hard to come by nowadays. When you're there you feel like you're home, especially with the amazing sandwiches.

1.) Sub Shop of Yakima 

They've been crowned the best subs in the city and they're not joking, these are some of the best sandwiches Washington has to offer. With every sub-hand-made and crafted with local ingredients you just can't beat this shop. They have a wide variety on the menu with new and old classic choices. Grab any sandwich from your favorite chain restaurant and the Sub Shop of Yakima will put it to shame.


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