Japanese Sandwiches are my New Favorite Obsession
In my effort to find unique items I don't see every day, these interesting sandwiches caught my eye. I love how they have the crusts cut off and how they're presented in these bags. They had chicken and pork and more but what really caught my eye were these 'cream' sandwiches...
My Top 5 Places In Yakima Valley To Get A Simple Sandwich
I suppose I could be considered a "foodie," although I can't afford to run around and try everything anymore. Getting  escargot or the dim sum for the price they cost is out of my reach. I prefer getting a simple sandwich that will satisfy my taste buds, fill me up and leave me with a happy feeling! Yakima Valley has these places!
Want rodent on that?
When you order a sandwich, you've probably got some preferences: no onions, no spinach, no ... Matt Jones, who was eating at a Subway in Lincoln City, Ore., earlier this month, clearly didn't order a dead mouse -- but he got one anyway...