It's International Crispy Chicken Sandwich day which means you need the perfect recipe for dinner tonight, which I don't have. So instead I'll give you the top 5 places in Yakima to get yourself a delicious sandwich.

besides looking fo just the classic version of this sandwich we'll take a lot at a couple restaurants that do speciality versions of a crispy chicken sandwich. You might be surprised how innovative the places here in Yakima are.

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5.) Popeyes

Look you can't rule out the fact Popeyes changed the game when they released their crispy chicken sandwich in 2020. Honestly it was one of the only good things to come out of the pandemic. Thankfully Yakima has one and you can get it any time you want.

4.) Majors

Majors knows their burgers and fries, but what about their crispy chicken sandwich? Well their fried chick cordon bleu is to die for. One of the first things I ever ordered from there and it took my tastebuds on a trip to...I almost said the thing Guy Fieri says but we don't wanna get sued. So instead it'll take your tastebuds on a trip to tasty town!

3.) Sports Center Yakima

Sports Center makes some delicious food, if you haven't found this place yet just look for the sign with the hunter aiming at the sky. I won't lie their Nachos and pizzas are some of their best features but when it comes to a crispy chicken sandwich they get the job done and then some. They do a crispy chicken bacon sandwich, we all know bacon can do no wrong. So if you're finding for that sandwich this is a good place to stop by.

2.) Cowiche Canyon Kitchen

These guys earned their top spot for a reason, with their shoe string cut fries, in house made fresh bread, and of course their crispy chicken sandwich is next level tasty. If you want a safe bet on the sandwich and some delicious fries to go along with it you gotta head to downtown yakima to get yourself some.

1.) 2nd Street Bar and Grill

This has become the restaurant to take family and friends to whenever they're in town. I have never been more excited than seeing someones face when they come across the chicken sandwich section of the menu. Not only do they have your run of the mill tasty crispy chicken sandwich, they also changed the game up with a new take on chicken and waffles. The crispy chicken and waffle sandwich is one your tastebuds will soon never forget. With two waffles as the bread, a fried egg, bacon, syrup and crispy chicken in-between you have got to try this sandwich and so far it's the only place in yakima, let alone Washington where I've seen this kind of sandwich and is a must try.


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