Never mind a White Christmas? Are we going to experience a White Halloween?

Well, not exactly, but it has happened in the past. Maybe not that cold but as it seems like we just turned off our AC for the Summer, we're gonna have to start cranking our heaters for the cold coming through our valley.

Looking ahead at the weather, as I love to do, our temperatures about to drop and pretty rapidly.

Though I love that pants and jacket weather this time of year I may have to bring out my heavier coat as the days leading into Halloween we're going to be looking at temperatures with highs in the 50s.


Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s next week but the week leading into Halloween they'll start to drop into the 50s. Something to keep in mind when you're planning your daily activities.

In other good news, it doesn't seem like it'll be raining for the next couple of weeks. I love the cool, crisp autumn air, but soon as you incorporate rain into it, getting your socks all wet and soggy, that's one of the worst experiences for the human soul.

However, when it's that perfect temperature where the air just feels 'airier' and that perfect time to be baking cookies or enjoying a cup of tea, those days are coming soon.

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