Thanksgiving is great for bringing friends and family together over a delicious hot meal. Everyone always has their favorite foods and something the entire family can enjoy. Most of the time people go with the traditional side dishes, but this year we're suggesting you mix it up.

You might think, "Well it's Thanksgiving" With delicious food from right here in the Yakima Valley. Some of the things on this list might fit right in with your thanksgiving meal, and others may seem weird, however, we know it'll pair great with some delicious Turkey and Stuffing!

The 4 Perfect Side Dishes for a Yakima Thanksgiving

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4.) Viera's Bakery 1000 Layer Carmel Cake

Viera's Bakery is a staple of the Yakima Valley whether people realize it or not. They have a bunch of signature dishes, desserts, and more. Of course, we're gonna suggest one of our favorite desserts, the 1,000-Layer Carmel Cake, you guessed it layers on layers of caramel made into a delicious cake. Every bite is creamy and sweet and fresh. Perfect to wow your family at Thanksgiving.

3.) Yakima Steak House Fried Brussel Sprouts

Brussell Sprouts? Ew! Or so we thought. Growing up just the word Brussel Sprouts sounded disgusting, then seeing them being steamed by a mom who didn't know what to do with them it wasn't our go-to dish. That changed when we got to try them at the Yakima Steak Company, So delicious they will turn any veggie hater into a veggie lover.

2.) Cheese Zombies From Big Girls Bakery 

Big Girls Bakery is making a boom in the Yakima valley with their delicious sweet treats, but what if I told you they also have some of the best Cheese Zombies in the Valley? Big Girls Bakery has their Cheese Zombie Fridays where they make them fresh, of course, you could be able to put in an order for cheese zombies for Thanksgiving and then pick them up beforehand. Perfect for picky eaters or young kids which are, well, also picky eaters.

1.) Pumpkin Pie from Johnson Orchards

Johnson Orchards produces some of the freshest fruit and veggies in the Yakima Valley, so what do they do with the extras? They bake them into delicious treats for you to take home. Their must-try dish for Thanksgiving is gonna be their Pumpkin pie. Which looks like your traditional Pumpkin Pie but with beautiful fall designs baked from the crust and put right on top. Perfect to impress family and friends. However, you may wanna move fast before Thanksgiving to make sure you get your hands on one!

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