Die-hard movie fans get ready for a deal of the decade, Yakima Theater is offering seven-dollar movies all day every Tuesday. With Covid-19 hitting the movie industry and movie theaters this could be just a thing to help resurrect moviegoers.

With the pandemic, we found ourselves stuck at home, watching our favorite movies, looking for new tv shows to binge and finally they were coming straight to our homes for us to buy without the theater. If you were like me growing up, the movies was a home away from home. I spent countless birthdays at the movie theater in Auburn, even buying a movie pass to catch everything I could for as cheap as possible.

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Yakima theaters are giving you every excuse in the book to go back to the theater, they have an app where you can find movie prices and times for weeks at a time. With blockbuster films going back into theaters as well you can finally experience the big-budget movies in theaters like they're supposed to be.

This weekend James Gunn's The Suicide Squad hits theaters and it's supposed to be one of the greatest anti-hero movies of the decade let alone the year, sitting high with a 99% on Rotten Tomato people everywhere are dying too see it. If you wanted to go with a group of friends or with family you don't have to break the bank this time.

for just $7 apiece. you can get in and then load up on real movie theater snacks like the delicious popcorn I've been craving since the beginning of covid. Help your local theaters grow and go back to normal by following covid guidelines and supporting them by buying snacks and using their app, which you can find HERE

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