There's a skill to making mixed cocktails and a skill to going viral on TikTok. A Yakima woman that goes by the user name, @MoraAlondra, has found a way to combine both. She has over four million views(4,000,000) and over 380,000 likes of her fun and high energy video where she's making a popular Mexican drink called the Paloma!

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It has been a while since the last time we had someone from Yakima go viral on TikTok, remember when El Solecito Panaderia made the news for going viral back in March 2021? In this viral TikTok video, Mora is seen outside at a family cookout and she grabs a bag of ice along with several liquid ingredients that she pours into a large container. After mixing all of the juices, alcohols, and ice together, she has created the "Paloma". I've had a Paloma a time or two at my friends' kids' birthday parties and whooooo, that drink is STRONG! And DELICIOUS! If you don't know 'bout that Paloma, then oye mi gente!

What exactly goes in a Paloma? We'll let Mora Alondra show us on TikTok! You go, girl! (Warning, the song played in the background contains lyrics with adult language, so if you are at work or have kids around, hit the mute button or at minimum, turn the volume wayyyyy down. In other words, the song is NSFW!)

@moraalondra##jarritos ##yakima♬ Drink - Dirty - Lil Jon

♬ Drink - Dirty - Lil Jon

Ingredients You Need to Make a Paloma:

  • Ice
Ready Ice via
Jarritos via
  • Grapefruit Juice:
Grapefruit Juice
Simply Grapefruit via
  • Lime Juice
  • Salt for the Glass Rim, if desired

You can also cheat and get this thing from Target, it's a "sparkling citrus cocktail".

Tequila Paloma Sparkling Citrus Cocktail
Tequila Paloma via


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