It's National Dog Day. This is a day set aside to honor and celebrate all of our very special furry friends who help us to navigate through this life in so many ways. We invited you to submit a picture of your fur-buddies by posting on our BULL FACEBOOK page. We were delighted with all of those happy faces in all different shapes, sizes and colors - with obviously distinct personalities - who simply want us to love and care for them. They, in turn, love and care for us unconditionally.

Brian Stephenson

Here's Tater to officially kick off the photo gallery.

Jim Pearson

JimShow says Sadie is proud to be the yappiest dog in town! Sadie is a Mama's Girl.

Summer Himrod Via Facebook

This is Goliath he is a Belgian Malinos mix.

Amie Dolan via Facebook

Remi. Definitely looks like she loves to ride!

Kelly Boyd Darbyson Via Facebook

Oh My! Stella. I can just hear Brando yelling your name! Beautiful.

Aleda Dierx Via Facebook

We didn't catch this ones name but who needs your name mentioned when you're cool?

Sara Cusato-Paulette Via Facebook

Cooper is 10 Months old and already holds the key to Mom's heart and maybe the car.

Lacey Shuel - Fairbrook Via Facebook

Thanks to Lacey for a trio of fine furry friends.

Michelle Thompson Via Facebook
Michelle didn't share this pup's name but what a beauty!
Jason-Christina Beck Via Facebook

Here's Finn with an awesome pose.

Philip Garza Via Facebook

Axl the beagle.

Theress Tullio Via Facebook

Aries (aka Wiggles) a 2 year old cattle dog-pit bull mix.

Cindy Bandle Via Facebook

Babee and Cinder just chillin' by the fence.

Deborah Ochs Via Facebook

Here's Sweet Lucy.

Liz De Paz Via Facebook

Atlas is a Belgian Malinois - Springer Spaniel mix.

Marilyn Norton  Via Facebook

Marilyn shared a picture of her sweet princess. (she passed recently) but she still celebrates all fur babies today. Thank you Marilyn.

Ariana N Abel Tarula Via Facebook

Trouble-Makers? Why, that's hard to believe!

Mary Neal Via Facebook

No name with this one but 'Always Hungry' is as good as any!

Phyllis Hitchcock Via Facebook

Phyllis shared this adorable pic

Amanda Smith Fischer Via Facebook

Thanks to Amanda for sharing these ears!

Denise Marie Via Facebook

This little fella is trying to keep it on the down-low.

Tonia Martinez Via Facebook

What do you feed Sampson for dinner? Anything he wants!!!

Kelsey Evans Via Facebook

Kiana says mush yourself buddy!

If you have a picture of your dog you'd like to share with us - send via the station app!

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