The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is showing off new equipment for the offices' K9 unit. The K9 officers in both the Yakima County Sheriff's Office and the Yakima Police Department are benefiting from equipment that help the K9's reach areas and suspects that have been a challenge in the past.

The new systems are a safer way for the K9's to reach attics to search

New attic deployment systems were recently donated by K9 Foundation Yakima Valley. Authorities say the kits are a safe way for K9 officers to be placed into attics and other tight spots. They're then released with the pull of a cable to begin a search of the area. The K9's are a vital part of the Yakima County Sheriff's Office and the Yakima Police Department.

The equipment is made possible through the K9 Foundation Yakima Valley

The donation of equipment comes from K9 Foundation Yakima Valley. It was started in February of 2021 to support Yakima County law enforcement agencies K-9 programs. The founder of the K9 Foundation Yakima Valley, Fern Hart says 2021 was a successful year and she's thankful for the many contributions people made to support K9 officers in Yakima. Hart says she started the foundation after learning that unlike many other law enforcement agencies around the country, Yakima County depends upon private donations to fund local K9 programs. She says the foundation surpassed it's fundraising goal of $50,000 last year and she looks forward to even more success in 2022. Hart says it's been a big eye opener for you about how many people love dogs and support local law enforcement.

You can donate to the foundation or purchase a K9 puppy

You can help the foundation by donating to the foundation or purchasing plush K9 puppies at The Range, at 1701 Garretson Lane and Earthwise Pet Nutrition Center at 6530 West Nob Hill.
Check out the foundation website at

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