There's a new restaurant pop-up in Yakima this October! Au jus serious?!

Hi, my name is Reesha On The Radio and I'm a huge foodie. I have a big mouth, so I will tell let you in on a (not so) big Yakima Valley secret: We are pretty lucky, because one of this year's top 40 MasterChefs (out of 30-something thousand home cooks from all over the country) lives right here in the Yakima Valley! Keep on reading, because your tastebuds will be thanking you later!

But first things first: if you missed the MasterChef finale, I won't spoil who won the big trophy, cookbook deal and $250,000 prize money (if you, however, want your spoiler right now, click here, and/or if you want to audition for Season 9, click here).

Truth be told, if I were to audition for MasterChef, this would be my dish:

Two of my faves made it to the MasterChef finale show: Jason Wang and Eboni Henry!

My one favorite who DIDN'T make it? Yachecia Holston! She went through so many tough challenges throughout the entire season, she was nearly THISCLOSE to making it to the finale!

The guy who went up against Yachecia in episode one of Season 8 is none other than Shawn Niles, and he is a family man, world traveler, pastor and one amazing chef. At the risk of heaping to much "praise" (get it, pastor humor), we might as well add "brilliant" to the description of Shawn, because he has created not one, but TWO brilliant restaurant pop-up ideas for the Yakima Valley!

One of his brilliant ideas is a collaboration with two other brilliant chefs, Bite Club. If you want to experience an exclusive, fine dining foodie adventure, tasting dishes that you might not otherwise find available, then sign up for Bite Club private membership here. The membership price is not for the lean wallet; it will cost you $150 per year to join as a member. Once you are a member, you will be invited to three pop-up restaurants in the Yakima Valley. You can choose to attend one (or all three) of the monthly meals, each dinner ranges in price anywhere from $90 to $200.

Niles' other brilliant idea is a restaurant pop-up featuring Yakima Valley youth, Urban Kitchen. Students can join this fairly new culinary program sponsored by the Yakima Police Athletic League. Each student will spend three months learning how to create culinary cuisine with lessons from Niles and other talented local chefs and renowned restauranteurs. The next class "graduates" in early October, and their pop-up restaurant will be held at the Yakima Valley Museum for a three-day event on October 6-8. If you would like to sign up yourself or your family to attend, click here. Adult meals are $20 and Children meals are $10. Children ages 2 years and under are free. There are two dinner seatings per night, at 6p.m. and 8p.m.

For more information on Bite Club or Urban Kitchen, reach out to Shawn Niles here.

Psst! *whispers* Hey! Look what we found on YouTube! Here's an epic video of Shawn auditioning for the Yakima's Got Talent competition back in 2014! Shhh, don't tell him you saw it here!

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