What would you do if your parents said NO to having a Horse? One young lady found a loop hole (so to speak!)

Regina Mayer's dream of having a horse sort of took a unique turn, when she parents say no about the horse. The 15-year-old Regina didn't sit in her room and mope. Instead, she became very resourceful and turned to a cow called Luna to cowgirl up make her dreams come true. 

Luna and Mayer have a soul mates bond between them as they spend most the afternoons together.

Their extensive routine involves grooming, petting, jumps and a roughly one-hour ride.  Hours of training, and tons of treats, cajoling and caresses later, the results are impressive: not only do the two regularly go on long rides through the southern German countryside, they do jumps over a makeshift hurdle of beer crates and painted logs. It's a lot of work "but I enjoy it," Mayer said.