We are crossing our fingers. Hoping the winds and whatever rain we can get to help clear out this bad air. Now that the majority of the fires and smoke (he said crossing his fingers) are behind us now, it is a good time to remind all to change any filters you may have around your house.

Air Conditioning, air purifiers, heating / cooling and other filters around your home may have taken a beating during these past few weeks with the fires and smoke that has permeated our lives and homes.


Yep, this bad boy is toast. Comparing the old one to the new one, you can see difference. That’s a lot of debris for its short few weeks in use. This is especially important to change them if you have someone in your home with respritory issues like I do.

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Just a couple weeks before the fires began, I changed our AC filter (supposed to changed every 6 months for normal use). With the bad air quality, I was curious about how dirty the filter would be. So earlier today I checked it and was surprised by what I found. Here is my discovery.


Keep in mind, these air systems are meant to have a certain amount of “positive” and “negative” air flow. These filters are engineered to have some give and take. When there is too much debris in the filters, it makes the systems work harder than normal and uses more energy in the long run.

So, change those filters. And keep in mind, next time you get your car serviced, the tech will ask if you want it changed. Those too might require some attention.

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Am thankful for these systems as they allow us to enjoy healthier longer lives. After seeing what I am NOT breathing in, it makes me appreciate them that much more.


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