I'm not a costume kinda guy, I am not super into candy that I accept form total strangers in the dark of night. I just don’t care for Halloween. If it went away, I would not miss it AT ALL.

Frankie Meyerriecks

I also know that Halloween’s popularity has only grown in the last few years. Like you, I get annoyed when a 17-year old graces my door with a thick moustache, an excuse for a costume and a voice deeper than mine utters, “Trick or Treat”. I have been known to slam the door in their face as I uttered, “Get a job and you can have all the candy you want.” No Candy for you!

I am not a fan of donning costumes and scaring each other. I get the fun in Halloween, it’s just not my bag.


You know what is my bag? Pie.

Chocolate, pecan, apple, cherry – and where can you find those? For most, not at a strangers door (I hope), and not while wearing a costume. Nope, it can be found at Grandma’s / Mom's house during Thanksgiving.

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Now I admit, I am somewhat of a hypocrite as I do have a costume for Thanksgiving – they are called my “Thanksgiving pants.” You know, the kind with the expandable waistband to accommodate extra space for more food? Best costume ever!

My pick is obvious – if I could pick only one Fall Holiday, I would choose Thanksgiving.

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So, how about you? If you could only have ONE Fall holiday, which would it be? Halloween? Or Thanksgiving? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

All My Best,
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