The Music Man at The Warehouse Theatre

7/27/2011 - 7/30/2011

My wife and I went to this last weekend and really enjoyed ourselves.  I was in the Eisenhower High School Version of the show in 1999 with then Drama teacher Barbara Lund.  In fact the Applebee's in Union Gap has a cast photo up on the front wall.  The show was a real treat and brought back memories of how much fun it was to watch Marion "The Librarian" fall in love with Professor Harold Hill.  This is your last chance to see Emily Stephenson and Brandon Lamb along with a great supporting cast take you through the little Iowa town that needs something to save them from that horrible game of pool. 

Location: Yakima
5000 W. Lincoln Ave.

7:30pm - This American musical classic is the endearing story of a traveling salesman and his visit to a small Iowa town in 1912 where he meets and falls in love with a willful, spinster librarian. The Music Man is guaranteed to entertain featuring an entire score of classic hit songs.

There will be a 2pm matinee on Saturday, July 30th.

Tickets: $15. For tickets/information, call 509-966-0951.