Rock stars are famous for making obnoxious requests when they tour . . . but their tour riders are nothing compared to what 68-year-old Michael Jeffries requires on his private Gulfstream jet.

Michael is the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch . . . and he has 47 pages of "Aircraft Standards" that crew members have to follow.  Here are 11 of the most interesting requirements.

#1.)  Male members of the cabin crew must be clean-shaven and spritz their uniforms with Abercrombie and Fitch cologne.  And their in-flight "uniform" includes flip flops, a polo shirt, gloves . . . and specifies boxer briefs.

#2.)  Washcloths in the bathrooms need to be tri-folded, but the end square of the toilet paper should NOT be folded.  In fact, the toilet paper shouldn't even be visible.

#3.)  The newest issues of 13 different specific magazines must be available on board . . . with all their insert cards removed.

#4.)  When the crew vacuums the plane, they need to go from the front of the plane to the back, pulling the vacuum toward them to make smooth, even lines.

#5.)  When the plane reaches cruising altitude, the crew needs to check the restroom to make sure the bar of soap by the sink didn't slide out of place during takeoff.

#6.)  Seatbelts should be folded neatly into the seat, with 10 inches between the two ends of the buckle . . . and they must be free of all fingerprints and other marks.

#7.)  Someone needs to check the Cross pens onboard before the flight, to make sure they all write . . . and they need to be changed every month, even if they still work.

#8.)  When Michael or his boyfriend have a request, the cabin crew needs to answer by saying, quote, "No problem" . . . NOT, quote, "Sure" or, quote, "Just a minute."

#9.)  Crew members should wear WHITE gloves to set the table for meals and BLACK gloves for cleaning up.

#10.)  Any leftover food should be put in a Ziploc bag before getting thrown into the garbage.

#11.)  "Take Me Home" by Cher has to be playing when passengers enter the cabin.