Morning Bull-Pen

Local Automotive Shop Gives Back to Yakima Vets
These days most of us are affected by Veterans Day one way or another. If you don't have a family member who has served, you probably have a classmate who is serving. And now a Selah automotive shop is thanking our veterans in a BIG way!
Big Concert Announcement Friday Morning!
We've got a big concert announcement for you tomorrow morning! Let's just say it's a big tour & it's a concert you'll want to see:) All will be revealed tomorrow in the Morning Bullpen with Gunner & Cheyenne at 7:30am.
Would You Try This Clear Traditional Dessert?
My brain is on overload right now trying to figure out how this clear -- as in see-through -- traditional fall dessert tastes without having its signature color! Owners and patrons say its a total sensory experience. I can see how that could be, because I have not tried it but just looking at it is …

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