I've always thought that apples were some of the best tasting fruits our world has to offer. Just think if an apple was infused with your favorite flavor. That idea comes from Moxee rancher Greg Berndt who thought to infuse apples with different flavors. The Crazy Apple was born. Crazy Apples dot com says they're trying to appeal to kids to eat apples as part of their daily diet. Frankly it's a good idea to add a little fun to the same ole fruit you should eat every day.

Now kids are craving these natural apples with different flavors like Tropical Fruit, Pomegranate Grape and Bubble Gum. I have to say that I didn't think the Bubble Gum Apple would taste very good, but I was dead wrong. I could eat these things all day. I feel like writing a jingle, it's not just an apple...it's a crazy apple! For more information visit Crazyapple.com or visit their facebook page. Way to go Greg and team on coming up with an original idea that puts Yakima, WA on the map!