A friend of mine was browsing Craigslist and saw this post from a guy who is trying to find a girl he had an encounter with at the Dierks Bentley show. It's a valiant effort to find the "very attractive" girl he saw at the show. Who knows if she will ever see this? But I guarantee he will have a better chance with a link on the Bull website. Good Luck Pal!

You stumbled into the back of me at the beer line. Then you smiled and put your arm around me. You wanted me to go sit with you and hang out with you for the rest of the concert. I couldn't. I wish I could have and I wish we would have exchanged numbers. You were very attractive. It was nice to have my arm around you even for a short time. Chances are you will never see this but what the hell. Tell me what you were wearing or what I was wearing. Better yet send me a pic if you think it is you. Would love to talk to you.