If you're worried about the government spying on you because of the whole NSA wiretapping thing, this probably won't help. Because now you might have to worry about your friends spying on you.

There's a new smartphone app that has some people freaked out, because it makes it so your phone is always recording audio.

After five minutes, the audio automatically gets deleted. Or you can opt to save it permanently. (The initial app is free, but you have to pay a few bucks to extend your recording time to the full five minutes.)

The app is called "Heard" . . . as in, "I just heard everything you said about that woman at the bar, and I'm sending the audio to your wife."

There's also a less-creepy use for it. For example, you're having a conversation that gets interrupted, and you forget what you were talking about . . . so you check the tape.

So far it's only for the iPhone, and the last time we checked, you couldn't download it. According to Apple, it was available earlier this week, but got taken down because of a technical issue. They say it should be back up soon.