What a morning!

Today was the final push in our fundraiser on behalf of families wanting to "pay it forward" to Children's Village and the Children's Miracle Network -- your help has sent the needle over the top for our pal "Super Sam." They're still counting up Sam's share, but working together, Yakima's five Townsquare Media stations raised more than $8,200 Wednesday morning alone.

It's not all happy news, though. The sad part is that we probably won't be seeing 51/2-year-old Sam Wilkinson around here quite as much as we have during Miracle Month, which made for some sad hugs and a few tears.

Townsquare Media

We sent Sam off in style, though -- his own hand-drawn comic-book cover, courtesy of yours truly, and enough doughnuts to put a little paunch on Spider-Man himself.

At any rate, thank you. We've been moved by your support for CMS, Children's Village and the Wilkinson family -- and so have they.