26-year-old Samantha Phipps of Bristol, England had lived with her boyfriend, Jack Ewing, for a year, when she became suspicious that he was cheating on her.  So she hired a sexy private investigator.

26-year-old Jane Gill calls herself 'Miss Honeytrap', and she was supposed to act as bait for Jack.

Last November, she took Samantha's $300, and agreed to approach Jack at a bar and make her move.  If Jack went for it, then Samantha would know for sure that he was the kind of guy who would cheat.

And he did . . . with Miss Honeytrap.  They ended up kissing, and making a date to meet in a hotel.  And before Samantha knew it, Miss Honeytrap had actually stolen her boyfriend.

Miss Honeytrap says she didn't steal Jack, because, quote, "Their relationship was doomed the moment she booked me.  Once the trust goes in a relationship, that's it."

Do you agree with the Private Investigators  mentality?