A recent Men's Health survey answers the question "What makes a woman sexy?" I was pleasantly surprised to hear that guys finally get it. The common stereotype put upon men is that we are shallow, that we only care about looks and appearance as opposed to other features like intelligence or personality. This new survey confirms that guys are getting smarter and choosing partners based on a combination of things. Here is the list from Men's Health where men chose Personality as the number one trait that make them interested in women. Beauty is a close second followed by sense of humor (something I think is VERY important.) Here is the list from the survey!
• Personality, 62.2%
• Beauty, 55.5%
• Sense of humor, 48.3%
• Smile, 47.9%
• Intelligence, 47.8%
• Legs, 45.0%
• Shapeliness, 47.8%
• Breasts, 43.9%
• Eyes, 43.7%
• Hair, 37.6%
• Sound of voice, 34.3%

Guys, is this what does it for you? How about the ladies? What do you look for in a potential partner?