Talk about a crazy day in the radio business! Not one, but two highly anticipated births happened today.

The first belongs to Hillary Scott of Lady and husband Chris Tyrrell. They welcomed Eisele Kaye Tyrrell on Monday (July 22) in Nashville. Her name is in honor of both grandmothers.

The name is pronounced “eyes-lee” and is a combination of Tyrrell’s mother’s maiden name and Scott’s mother’s middle name (Kaye).

Now, what I just found out is that the Outlaw Rik Mikals is actual Facebook friends with Hillary Scott. I'm not talking about liking her page, I'm talking about her personally run friend page.

He already congratulated her on the birth on her Personal Facebook page!

Also can you believe that Kate Middleton had her baby boy across the pond today as well. Congrats to Prince William, Kate and the entire royal family. The royal baby boy was born at 4:24pm London time and is 8lbs 6oz.