According to a recent study conducted by a detergent company (not sure why they are asking these kinds of questions?) women are more likely to go on a date with a guy who wears a purple shirt. In fact when I walked into the studio today, the Morning Bull Pen said "Ooooo, he's wearing a purple shirt." I had to ask them why they loved my purple shirt so much and the pointed me to this study.

townsquare media

Blue is my normal "go to" color and according to this survey only 11% of women would say yes to a date if the guy is wearing a blue shirt. Black is another good color to get a yes answer to a first date, 32% of women confirmed that in the study. White and Pink shirts both scored very low in producing a yes from a potential lady friend. So my question to you ladies, does it really matter what color shirt a guy is wearing? Do you agree with the study, or do you even care?