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If You’re a True Seahawk Fan, You Gotta Believe in Comebacks
Oh, how easily we forget the fact we've left teams stunned by making impossible comebacks.
I've been a lifelong Seahawks fan, through the good times and bad. Through a heartbreaking Super Bowl loss in 2005 against the Steelers to our first-ever Super Bowl victory over the Broncos...
Can We Actually Jinx The Bengals?
Are you a superstitious sports fan? I've almost heard it all when it comes to rabid fans and their lucky underwear or bra. Some fans don't even wash their jersey, ever!
Sept. 21, 1970, Was the First Monday Night Football Game
On Sept. 21 of 1970, football's signature night was born: "Monday Night Football!" Even if people cannot seem to watch a Thursday game or even some of the Sunday football games, they are sure to catch the Monday Night Football game no matter who is playing!

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