Comic book heroes are dominating movie box offices this year. “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” released this past weekend to huge numbers and took the top spot at the movies. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” comes out May 2 and is expected to be a huge box office success as well.

Our very own Rik Mikals is a huge comic book and superhero nut, too. Rik even wrote a stellar review of the new “Captain America” film, which you can read here.  But he’s not the only fan of superheroes -- count in Chris Young as well.

Chris traces his interest in superhero movies back to his secret obsession -- he loves comic books.

"Me and my stage manager are actually big, like Batman, Superman [fans]." Chris tells ABC News.

Chris even has an app on his phone that allows him to download the latest issues of his favorite comic books.

"Sometimes if I'm going on a plane, I'll buy a couple comics and read 'em on a plane," he admits. "That's pretty nerdy. Probably not something a grown man should be doing. I don't know."

Chris opens for George Strait this weekend as the Cowboy Rides Away tour winds through Portland and Spokane.