What a treat for theatre audicenes in the Windy City, Dolly turns 65 on Jan 20th. Happy Birthday Girl!

On Wednesday night, Chicago audiences will not only get to see the touring production of the musical "9 to 5," for the first time in the Windy City, but they'll get to see Dolly Parton herself.

Parton, who celebrates her 65th birthday Wednesday, will ride up to the Bank of America Theatre in her Dollymobile, and greet the audience for the production's Chicago debut, according to the Chicago Tribune.

"9 to 5: The Musical," is based on the 1980 film starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda and Parton, who appeared in the Broadway show as well in 2009, according to the Tribune.

Parton wrote all of the music and lyrics in the musical (and film), and many fans attend the show hoping to see her on the stage.

"We felt people really wanted to see Dolly," Mike Isaacson of Fox Theatricals, the lead producer of the show, told the Tribune.

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of the country queen should head to the Bank of America Theatre, 18 W. Monroe St., around 6:30 p.m. to catch her on the red carpet.

"9 to 5: The Musical" tells the story of three women fantasizing about getting even with their sexist and horrible boss.