It doesn't look or feel like the first day of spring in Yakima but according to the calendar it is day one of the fresh flowery season. With a new season we've become accustom to the dreadful task known as "spring cleaning."

It's actually a good time to do some regular maintenance and check things that may have been left alone all winter. Here is a helpful spring cleaning checklist from us here at 92.9 The Bull. Good luck!


1. Wash windows
2. Turn on garden hose spigot
3. Remove storm windows and install screens
4. Test air-conditioning
5. Clean or replace air-conditioning filter
6. Turn off humidifier


1. Remove storm windows and install screens
2. Wash windows
3. Check central-air unit for debris and clean
4. Caulk or fill any areas where insects may enter the house
5. Hook up garden hose, check for leaks
6. Wash siding
7. Clean gutters and downspouts, check for leaks and cracks
8. Trim bushes and trees away from house
9. Install window air-conditioning units
10. Clean and organize garage
11. Check house for peeling paint, cracks in brick/ masonry, future roof problems. Fix if needed
12. Dust perimeter of house for ants
13. Check decks and other free-standing structures for winter damage and settling/ heaving
14. Test outdoor lights and replace bulbs as needed

• Rake/ de-thatch lawn
• Airate lawn
• Fertilize/ weed and feed lawn
• Apply insect control to lawn
• Check trees and other landscaping for winter damage, prune as needed
• Check drainage ditches and drain tiles for large obstructions
• Clean lawn furniture/ check for cracks or other problems
• Check yard for large depressions or heaving, may indicate drainage problems
• Check fencing for problems, repair if needed
• Check for and repair any driveway cracks
• Reseal asphalt driveways


• Change oil
• Check coolant level and strength
• Clean salt/ sand from under carriage of car
• Check tire pressure
• Clean and wax exterior
• Clean and shampoo interior
• Check body for rust
• Check other fluids in car

Lawn Equipment

• Change oil if applicable
• Replace spark plugs (strongly recommended)
• Clean all debris from motor and deck. De-grease if needed
• Check all cables and levers for wear and proper functioning
• Check belts for wear and replace if needed
• Charge battery if applicable
• Put in fresh gasoline
• Run machine for 10 minutes or until blue-black smoke disappears
• Check tires for proper inflation
• Sharpen blades as needed
• Run snow blower out of gas, wash salt off, spray moving parts with light oil and store


• Prepare soil for planting
• Add compost if needed
• Plant cold-crop vegetables
• Dig new gardens before soil becomes too dry and compacted
• Have soil tested (done free by many stores and agricultural centers)

Swimming Pool/Pond

• Remove debris from cover
• Pump/ drain cover
• Check exposed plumbing for cracks and holes from freezing
• Replace sand in filter if needed or applicable
• Check pump motor and oil if access for oil is provided
• Check exposed seals and gaskets, replace if necessary
• Do any other preparation possible now before it’s time to open pool