Last night everyone here at Townsquare was at the 4th of July Celebration at the fairgrounds and stayed well after the fireworks and we are BEAT! Everyone is running on empty and is desperate for coffee. So I whipped out my Urbanspoon app on my phone and I decided to look up the best places to get coffee in Yakima. Here's the top 5 according to Urbanspoon:

1.) North Town Coffee- Yeah!! I go here all the time and I DEFINITELY think it's the best place to go. Coffee's good, the building's nice and the people working there are super friendly and fun to talk to. It's on Front Street downtown and a new one just opened up in Selah.

2.) Essencia- I've been to Essencia once but I didn't try coffee. Essencia is also an artisan bakery and chocolaterie and the pastries are really good. It's downtown too on 3rd St. Apparently downtown's the place to go for good coffee.

3.) Ballesteri's Cafe- Ballesteri's is off of Summitview and 40th and though I've never been a lot of people at Townsquare really like it, especially since it's right across the street.

4.) Espresso Express- Oh man. If you need strong coffee definitely go here. I can have a quad shot Americano and still want to go back to bed but the first time I went here I just got a latte with a couple shots and I was wired all afternoon. It's in a little stand on Tieton Dr. and is definitely the place to go if you need a lot of caffeine to wake you up.

5.) Sundance Espresso in Selah- I've never been here before but if any of you have been tell me about it so I know where to get good coffee when I'm in Selah. Better yet, what are some other places to get good coffee?