A couple of years ago my wife had the brilliant idea to adopt a puppy from the humane society. In a moment of weakness I gave in and agreed to help raise the four legged critter. Phoebe the dog is a terrier mutt mix, she is very hyper and cute. She does a good job guarding the house and is always excited to see me when I get home from a long day. She is potty trained which is good for the floors, her only real problem is she loves to chew on everything. I will start listing (I mean venting) things she has chewed up in the house when she gets board. OK, here we go...my wood desk, the door jam, my dress belt, hair bands, anything left on the floor that she can fit in her mouth. The only good part is I don't leave things lying around on the floor to get destroyed by Phoebe the dog.

In honor of my wife's Care Bear and my only Beanie Baby (an Elephant named Righty, God rest his soul) that were decimated by my loving pound puppy, I've decided to buy her actual things she is supposed to chew on. They do make toys, rawhide and other treats that will keep her away from stuffed animals, and today you can save 50% on treats and pet supplies from the Pet Pantry. Click here to save money and your stuffed animals. Love, a proud Dog Owner! Lol