Apple came out with the new iOS7 which gives your iPhone a new, sleek design on the outside and plenty of upgrades on the inside that you're still finding out about. In updating to iOS7 it reset many of your security preferences. Although you should go through and make sure that things are set for you and your lifestyle, here are a few you should pay special attention to.

Location Settings

Settings > Privacy > Location Services

Make sure your locations are set as private as you need. They also have it set so the arrow looks different under different circumstances. Purple is a recent location, gray is within 24 hours and outlines is like a GPS for checking in and what-not. I'd recommend not using location services on photos (especially of your children) or pictures around your house. I still use GPSing for checking in to restaurants and stuff like that.

System Services

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services

Probably best you these turn off:
Diagnostics & Usage: This is the data Apple uses to improve their service. I don't think it's any of Apple's business what I use their product for so I have this turned off.

Location Based iAds: Like most technology, Apple is hoping they can send you ads based on your interests. Kind of like if you're always looking up items on Amazon, then computer ads on websites are, all of a sudden, ads for those items you were just looking up. Crazy, huh? Yeah, turn it off.

Frequent Locations: Exactly what it sounds like. It keeps track of where you go. iStalker. Turn it off.

While you're there, at the bottom of the list, click on >System Services and turn on Status Bar Icon at the bottom of that page.

There are many other options that you may or may not need. Rule of thumb, if you don't need it, turn it off.

via zdnet