Hey! Do you remember the Local TV series "Jackson Horn"? If you do and are a fan of the show, check this out!!!

"Jackson Horn" is hitting the big screen! The film is based on the TV series that was shot and produced locally is set to premiere on Thursday.

Most of  the 25-member team of producers, actors, and crew for the made-for-TV-movie hail from central Washington.

Michael Mitchell is an associate producer for the film says that the cast and crew have kept up with industry standards and believes that the independent TV project is on par with material coming out of Hollywood.

"Some of the people just began acting last year professionally," said Mitchell. "You see them jump they made from their first production to this one, people are going to be really shocked."

The film serves as a series finale for the TV series that aired 14 episodes across the country on various stations from 2006 to 2008. Creators say it will also stand alone for an audience that has not seen the show.

Production wrapped in February and lasted almost two months. Local shoots include Randall Park and Track 29.

Fairchild Cinemas will host the premiere of the film on Thursday, May 5 in Pasco. The film will also air on various TV stations including Fox affiliates in eastern Washington later in the month.